Featured in this blog is an indoor mural I’ve done for Teutonic Wines here in Portland Oregon. By one of the awesome owners (Barnaby Tuttle) request the mural was both Jazz and Star Trek themed!! Two of my favorite things. Continue Reading yo

Did I ever tell you when we almost died?

My partner Amalia and I almost died in Panama about two years ago. We had a kayak sink on us in the ocean about what seemed as if a mile away from shore. This story is of our account, written by Amalia and was published in STAY WILD magazine earlier this year. Continue Reading yo


During my recent holier than thou rants about the campfire, I have been referencing this scene from the animated film, MIND GAME ,made in 2004 it is based on Robin Nishi’s Japanese comic of the same name. The scene has a depiction of GOD and existence that I personally find coinciding with my present reality in a beautiful fashion so much so, that I felt so inclined to share this wonderful scene. Continue Reading yo