Eatcho is an artist living and _____in Portland ,Or. He was born in____ and raised in the slums of _____ till moving to Portland. His wide array of artwork consist of ______ with at times some ______ that have left spectators ______. The art mediums and tools He use’s are _______ and his favorite tool to work with is ________.”I am very ______ to be involved in _____” says Eatcho. For his next exhibition , he is ________ on some new art for the ________ children’s benefit at the new ________ museum. With this new exhibition the artist is excited to use his ________ for your ________ enjoyment

my contact is eatcho@gmail.com

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  1. Hi there, I met you on Thursday at the Madrona Hill Cafe. Your work is fantastic, the website original, and your editorials hard hitting and accurate.

    Thank you for the handmade card.


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