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Hello Interested in some artwork? That’s awesome! Here is my Lawyer, who can talk you through the simple process of getting your very own original piece of art!

mr law3

Oh yeah,if you don’t like reading much, feel free to scroll down to price list.

lw1lw2lw3lw4mr law4lw5lw6

(Please Click On Image  Below To View Larger Version)Post # , 1 , 2 , 3

For any further questions Please email me at

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “commission price list

  1. yo meran aka eatcho,

    it’s tim… your old roommate from the gwen/elsa days.
    it’s good to see you’re still at it. I hope business is booming.

    I moved to seattle long ago. this city suits me better than portland did fo’sho’.
    I’m FINALLY in intro stages of opening that ‘retail’ art gallery I wanted. I always did enjoy your work, and still present on my wall the piece(s) you gave me, so we’ll be in touch for future communication and collars.

    be well brother,

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