Beautiful results from earning ugly money

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Up front I would like to apologize for the low resolution of the majority of these piks, They were all taken on my phone which isn’t quite up to date.

This Blog is a big thank you! to everyone who has been getting commissions as of late. I am very grateful for the support.

Working freelance has been stressful and at times fun.. simply put.

Latest commission for Jan 2015 for Nick Anderson “The Séance” Click image to view process shots


This is a bundle of commission work from late December to june 2014



“Dublin Stout” thanks to Brandon
dub med


I havent got a title for this banger yet , with a big thanks to Dominick Dilikins  a.k.a. Tigerfresh


j29 j28 j27 j26 j25 j24 j23 j22 j21 j20 j19 j37“Truffle Huntin” thanks to Taras
truffle hunting truffle hunting 2j39
A really fun dinosaur mural for a homie 7 months strong in existence , Marlow . With a special thanks to the parents Jennifer and Michael d3d11 d10 d9 d8 d7 d6 d5 d2 d1j10

A fun really late commission for my friend Marc arc5 arc3 arc arc 2j17

A commission for the genius wife of James . thank yaj8 j7molly1

“Homies” for my friend Chris’s business Green century recycling .
green 3 green 2 green 1

“Storytelling” for my friend Justin 

j14j12j30“standing paralysis” thanks to Crystal

standing sleep poralisi 3 standing sleep poralisi 2 standing sleep poralisi 1



A nice painting for my friend Chaz
clik picture to visit his site



j41j9 j6 j5 j3 j2j38 j35j11j1

thats all for now.



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