Positive charge


A couple of nights ago we had an electric visitor that hovered above our bed and danced around for a minute or two.

visit 4

Here is a short collection of recent doodles and artsy happenings. I am currently looking for winter work and offering 100.00, 8″*11 bad ass illustrations customized to your liking. Also check out my store and Etsy for all types of fun stuff.

visit13 visit12 visit11 visit10 visit5 visit 9 visit 7 visit 6 visit 3 visit 1IMG_1334
IMG_1303page6 clrpage5 clrpage3 clrpage2 clrpage1page4IMG_1335The wiggles on a jog


IMG_1269 IMG_1258 IMG_1239These Butterflies were done by an artist in prison, they applied the color by using the pigment of M&M shells

IMG_1154 IMG_1153 IMG_1152I was fortunate to do a lil mural for the Oregon justice resource center. Great cause


IMG_1188IMG_1209 IMG_1204 IMG_1337IMG_1226thelineThats all for now

Thanks for checking it out.

IMG_1195 IMG_1163 IMG_1160IMG_1232IMG_1233IMG_1293

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