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  1. I am from Fresno, Ca.(Clovis)..Just moved out to the eastbay for a change of scenery and I swear I went to one of ;your exhibitions in fresno. I love all of your work. You were a huge inspiration to me as well as Zak alexander, keegan smith (<friends from high school that inspired me to get into art,street art, graphic design, if i remember correctly (if your the same eatcho veggies) you worked at starbucks and was kind of creative presence, but still anonymous with the "eatcho" moniker ..of course if your not the same guy and you have no idea what im talking about i apologize and please delete this message..if not email me back would love to know if your the same guy that happened to move to portland ( to be honest u seemed like a person that would go to seattle or portland LOL).. and continue to follow you and your work..its been like atleast 10 years.. but when i was running around thinking it was cool to write my name on the wall, YOU actually made me realize that it was more than "ups".. and really made me appreciate art for what it is and that it CAN be more than a can be a lifestyle. thanks…jerm "menes" martin

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