A look at some commission work yosef

Hello Hello

Here is a short collection of some of my latest commissions. I am starting to gain a good pace and direction with these and I am looking forward to my upcoming show in November. I cant line these guys up like a boss in my lil scanner though, ugh. Clik on any of the image’s to view it in a larger version yo.

This one is a birthday gift for the homie “Flounder” “X-ray sex”flounder med

flounder sec 2 flounder sec1

This is a piece inspired by the martial art of Jiu Jitsu , for a friend and collector James rowland. It is the “triangle hold”

mandrill close thetriangleholdsmlJame’s son Austin drew me a picture thats pretty bad ass! I love Godzilla

austins Godzilla

This one is for my friend since junior high and talented dude Carlos aka “El Cucuy” follow the link to check out his music or other projects. He loves his bunnies , it is hard not to like those bunnies dammit.
bunny bunny

one of dem bunnys2014-04-22_14-59-50_544bunnysec2 bunnysec1bunny sec3

Thats all for now. If your interested in your own personal commission feel free to email me at eatcho@gmail.com .

thanks for checkin it out, toots!

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