“STRANGERS” and you

Hello yo

Here is a collection of piks showcasing the work of artist Robert Amador and myself at UpperPlayground PDX for the month of November 2014. The show is titled “STRANGERS”

The inspiration for my collection of work came from a trip my lovely girlfriend Amalia and I took to Santa fe New Mexico in the summer. The city undergoes a long tourist season throughout the year and there is block after block of all genres of art being showcased yo , it was really beautiful. What inspired me were the Kachina dolls , the Kachina are spirit beings in western Pueblo cosmology and religious practices. One description is:

“The central theme of the kachina [religion] is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force, and humans must interact with these or fail to survive.[3]“”

This was something I could relate to and personally felt my own work blindly heading towards a similar direction, a kind of psychedelic anthropomorphism going on in the kachina dolls.There are many little stories personal and random within these paintings, but one overall theme is present and that there is a tiny u.f.o. floating by all the heads of each figure represented. The reason for the tiny u.f.o.’s is the fact that they are tiny u.f.o.’s , and I am sorry for such a vague explanation, but that is just about as much sense as I make from it. The mediums I used for this series were acrylic,acrylic ink, pencil and colored pencil. (flyer design by Seth Conley)

oh yeah, get a pillow for that ass cause there are allot of pictures here …
snta3Here are the Kachina’ that were the inspiration that kicked off the series


st1 Robert Amador  st2 st4 st5 st6 st7 st8 st9 Big Big huge thank you! to Blake Johnsen for taking piks of the work , I owe that guy like an arm or somethin.st10
st11  st13

st14 st15 beautiful custom made frames from my talented buddy Ian Mayer st17 st18 st19This one was the show stopper! by Robert Amador

st56 st21 st22 st23 st24 st25  Robert Amador  
st29 st30 st31  Robert Amador
st33 st34 st35 st36 Robert Amadorst37 st38  Robert Amadorst39  Robert Amadorst40 st43 st44 st45  Robert Amadorst46 st47 st48 st49 st50

st51 st53 st54 st55   Lil weird dude I made to decompress after the show, I like him and I am gonna make ‘mo’st57  Robert Amadorst59 st60  Robert Amadorst62 st63 st64 The reflection in this piece shows a guy who came in and said the art was “all right or whatever” then he preceded to ask us for spare change.st65 st66 st67 st68 st69 strange 3 stranger 2 Robert Amador has some nice prints in his store here are a few.  Robert AmadorMandarinPayaso  Robert Amador 
LonglimbskimSome work that didn’t make it in the show..snta5 snta6me and my sis as kiddos

IMG952014073195070603The latest radiate #21..rad21websnta4
Big thank you’s to Robert, Ian, Aunna , Amalia , Blake, Elliott, Seth, Mutt, Olivia, that one dude, railyard ,Upperplayground PDX and a bunch more!!
and thank you so much for giving some of this work a look through.

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