In this post I highlight some of my favorites of an old series of leaflets I used to make called PROPER GAHNDA. The last one I made was around ten years ago. I started the Proper fliers in a direct response to the decision to go to WAR with Iraq after the tragedy of September 11, and I left these fliers in all sorts of random places most in my hometown of FRESNO. Continue Reading yo

nonsense revisited

Here is the full collection of doodles I worked on while laid out on the couch with a broken leg almost two years ago. I have shared the full series before but sadly it has been flagged “mature” several times and makes it difficult for public viewing. enjoy Continue Reading yo

narcissus with knives for eyes…

About a year ago I was commissioned to do a piece that would be a tribute to my ole Proper Gahnda fliers . At first I thought it would be a piece of cake, then I started to realize how much of an honor it was to get a chance to do so and revisit My old stuff….it was humbling Continue Reading yo