Radiate here for now

I took some time to compose all the “radiate” comiks in one linear line. I was finally able to scan the first two which were from a fun show about two years ago. Click on the images to make them bigger if they are hard to read, or you can go to the site for a larger version as well. As for what the comic is about…..Ill try to explain later Continue Reading yo

heads and tails

long time no blog yall!!
Here are allot of things being done, and dancing people alot of dancing people…I placed most of this in thumbnail form to make it simple and fast to catch up..I put my favorites in the front and “biggins” ..all these pix are from late winter to early spring 2011
enjoy yoself! Continue Reading yo

those times

yo yo yall Spring is here! SAY WHAA. here are some randomness from my adventures as of late. trying to keep up with the art documentation , but honestly there are alot of party pix and get togethers, so I hope it this blog doesnt give off the boring vacation vibe with a bunch of photos of people you dont know…I kinda like people I dont know though Continue Reading yo