Hey happy new year whomever is reading this…

had a block and didn’t draw for six months. This blog is a collection of work last summer and some recents for shows comin up…. Gonna have a few pieces up at the  “Pony club” and “Grass hutt” in February next month here in portland…..

Here is a fun video in which I did some lil doodle animations  , with my friend Matt page at Mapache films , we are already thinking of other nonsense to do…

artist kevin noonan

found a hole in the ground …

a painting last spring “manifest that” 



artist Natasha Kemeto…… bowled a 191 last friday….i got like five gutter balls

papi and shauna get married!!

R.I.P. quest

A fun longboard I designed with Carver skateboards ..

artist SIT




my brother Mycows workonce again Lorax hooks up with the frames


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