Did I ever tell you when we almost died?

My partner Amalia and I almost died in Panama about two years ago. We had a kayak sink on us in the ocean about what seemed as if a mile away from shore. This story is of our account, written by Amalia and was published in STAY WILD magazine earlier this year. Continue Reading yo

Things that have been done

Featured in this blog are a few commissions, a small series of crows, and a tiny install. I hope you are enjoying your winter,eating right and drinking plenty of water and if you are looking at this blog, I hope you enjoy that too. Continue Reading yo

It all ends with a beginning

Featured in this blog is a fun commission for a Nike employee ,In which I drew on a blank pair of Airforce1’s ,where the theme was Portland and Nike. Also after the shoe pix is a bundle of other lil doodles and “do dads” along with a mini mural.
Continue Reading yo