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Featured in this blog are a few commissions, a small series of crows, and a tiny install. I hope you are enjoying your winter,eating right and drinking plenty of water and if you are looking at this blog, I hope you enjoy that too.
ellas fullI apologize that the quote in this doodle is a mistake and should be ” Si ellas pueden”(yes she can) and not “puede”. Perdón
ella puedethmThanks Shae!!ella puedethm1

I have been into crows lately. This is a small collection of the ongoing “Team Crow” series, some hits, some misses. Putting em up on my etsy but they do go quick.

craww 2caws1cawwsbeerCrow crewRawkcraww1craww3cawwsbeer1novblg 12thelineCawwscaws2


Rontommytwomidblg 7midblg 3If you are in the Portland OR area head to Ron toms and see the weird I did there. Nice folks with a ping pong table.midblg14midblg10midblg 1midblg15midblg11Sketches to nowherespekt girllil beruit3Thats all for now

Thanks for checking it out







P.S. Siri is full of surprise’s

midblg5 midblg2 midblg 6


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