The homie Zach Johnsen’s Sketchbook kicks major ass

In this post I share with you my friend and studio mate Zach Johnsen’s self published project, Sketchbook! For the last month we have been working on a revamp of the book before sending out to retailers for the first time. The Sketchbook now has a nifty screen printed slip sleeve, that is wonderful eye candy for the passerby, the inside of the book is just jam packed with dope ass art! It is a beautiful collection of over 15 years of work from a hard working mad genius who can’t stop producing amazing shit and it is only 25 BUX!!!
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In regards to photosynthesis there are so many things that happen on a molecular level that we owe our very existence to, it happens within a tiny universe that is silent and seemingly still. I used to think it was the large,chaotic and strong that governed this enigmatic reality, but as I expand my overall understanding of science I do not feel that way anymore. Continue Reading yo