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Hello You,

Featured in this lil’ post are a few recent commissions I was fortunate to be apart of along with some fun new news around U.F.O disclosure that has been giving me nerd tingles.

Here is a picture of a small mural I did in the stairwell for the wine bar, Le Caves, here in Portland Or., the bar itself is like a speakeasy very cozy and super nice. The owners of Le Caves both make their own wines and it all taste spectacular.

Can I say wine taste spectacular? is that ok? I am not a wine guy so I don’t know how to properly talk about wine ya know?

Here are a few color mock ups submitted.

The satyr in this drawing has the head of the Egyptian dwarf god ,BES

they both liked to party hard.

Here are some pictures of a custom pair of converse I painted for my high shcool homie Ben! He likes his Dogs, camping,Tool, Jazz, his truck,dogs and his dogs.

An illustration that took another direction from this for the final product and some color play. It’s pwetty

Ok…so bear with me on this one.

As some may know Tom Delonge formerly known from blink 182 fame has been talking, writing and advocating for U.F.O disclosure for some time and most people are excusing him off as just another famous detached from reality superstar that is slowly losing his mind. I myself am in no position to speak about Delonge’s mental state but last night I did notice something of interest that I felt was kind of fun to wrap your head around and decided to share.This Oct 26th 2017, Tom Delonge was on the Joe Rogan podcast for about an hour and 40 minutes. He talked of his connections with higher ups in the government, how he is starting a multimedia company (To the Stars),  making films as well as advanced technology to introduce to the human population slowly and to prepare their mentality for some type of upcoming mass contact. In this interview he does seem to contradict himself at times.The whole way through he speaks of meetings with very high officials in government and it becomes very hard to believe him…buuut after looking into the Delonge story I found that some of his claims were validated from the Podesta emails , leaked for reasons completely unrelated to Delonges’ situation, so in a sense it was an oopsie that peaked behind the truth veil just a little too far.

This means that yes Delonge did meet with higher ups in our government which involved members and former heads of some of our highest security administrations. Given his claims he has stated that he was told by some of these officials that there were “bodies”, so far for me this is the closest form of modern day disclosure that has occurred, for if he is telling the truth about meeting these officials then there is no credible reason to lie about those same officials stating that there are bodies.

The final Video I will Include is a U.F.O researchers take on the whole situation with Delonge and the US goverment. He speaks of people in the past that have made similar claims like Delonge’s and all have failed, yet  He states the strange part about this one is Delonge this time is getting eerily validated by our government and he is currently receiving large amounts of money to grow his fledgling company.

Just a trip to ponder about is all…



Welp shoot that’s it for now yo,

keep an eye in the sky, drink water and go outside.


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