Freedom of mind.

I say here:


Yeah I said it, everything!, all of it, the whole kitten kaboodle! Portugal did it yo!

Let us invoke an american “DRUG LICENSE” Where to as through a series of simple federal quiz’s and reviews, voted upon by the people, a responsible adult can posses a license giving them the freedom to both possess or be under the influence of any substance they wish within privately owned land or in transit partnered with a designated adult. Thus giving one a proprietorship of their own state of mental being and having the freedoms to experience the different configurations of temporal non-lethal matter (natural or synthetic) before one’s own natural existence ends .

 Think of a responsible adult, wanting only to alter their physical perception and sensation in the company of friends and family, a cultural practice that has been carried down within humanity since nomadic society. Think of this responsible non-violent adult being subjected to the violence, PTSD, and economic/social disparity caused from our current incarceration system. This would be immoral to say the least.

Here are a few informative and sobering discussions about drugs and our criminal justice system, Kick back and watch them when you find the time.


This presentation by Michelle Alexander touches on more than just the nations drug problem and discus’s the historical measures that got us here.

Michelle Alexander from Houston Institute on Vimeo.

So where do we go from here?

First thing is to look into those in office whom agree with these issues and support them (tough luck). Maybe a step is to aide that which highlights the benefits socially and economically from drug reform rather than incarceration

click this link to an article by the NY times highlighting the steps Portugal took to decriminalize drugs and the positive changes the country is seeing from doing so yo.

Sadly we are facing this shit all over again with the Opioid crisis recently being declared a national emergency

Here is John Oliver talking about the crisis on his show back in 2016

We are currently undergoing a modern renaissance that could easily swing in any direction. It is up to we the average citizen to act as a granular catalyst for change by both voicing our opinions and advocacy.


If anyone has any links to either more information or Places one could go and receive help from addiction please leave in the comment section.


Thanks for you precious time yo.

Drink Water. Go outside


Here is a lil extra video about crack cocaine and how are very government had ties to introducing the drug to low income black communities across our nation. Its about the real Freeway Rick Ross.

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