Your world and mine

flu 1Hello you.

Here is a short collection of recent work I have been selling on my store along with some photos of the fun cold times.If you are interested in a drawing of your very own please contact me at

the turn the turn detial cooliosnovblg 10novblg 14 novblg 12novblg 11novblg 8So thankful my¬†friend Sarah was happy with her new “Thangka” paintingnovblg 49novblg 18 novblg 17Dale’s gardennovblg 37novblg 44novblg 48novblg 43 novblg 42novblg 6novblg 41Yukishironovblg 25
novblg 40 novblg 39 novblg 24novblg 38novblg 36novblg 45novblg 35novblg 21novblg 34Favorite person,Favorite timenovblg 7

novblg 29 novblg 31 novblg 23novblg 30novblg 20novblg 37novblg 19novblg 22novblg 5novblg 3novblg 26novblg 2beautynovblg 1

Thats all for now

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