heads and tails

long time no blog yall!!
Here are allot of things being done, and dancing people alot of dancing people…I placed most of this in thumbnail form to make it simple and fast to catch up..I put my favorites in the front and “biggins” ..all these pix are from late winter to early spring 2011

featured in here are the performances of Sun angle ,Purple and Green , also the awesome Bomba Stereo (i put one of their videos at the end)

Allot happened during these pix you make up your own story…


here’s  B lego  and her lady made hella cranes for emergen-c …I like that phrase “hella cranes” John Paul …every other day at work I would at least have a five minute conversation of awesomeness with this guy.

top of chaach….that fool is crazy a spill of paint water in my room forming a strange hand …dont do drugs more hands being thrown around ..can you find the “oh hells yeah!” face?   I love how “escape” does the lines, it shows craft and confidence


Justin of the PURPLE and GREEN



Here are a ton of thumbnails of random funess pick and choose..also try to find waldo

I laughed for weeks when I saw this …”I have ADD bicth!” is the scream I have been hearing inside for up too a decade here is the “fuego” video from Bomba stereo..till next time ..rok on



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