narcissus with knives for eyes…


About a year ago I was commissioned to do a piece that would be a tribute to my ole Proper Gahnda  fliers . At first I thought it would be a piece of cake, then I felt pressure and  started to realize how much of an honor it was to get a chance to  revisit My old stuff in such a way….it was humbling , I was young then and hell I still am…The flier still has a few fans and I look  back on it as young angst and it could be better , but still it had heart,I placed some of my favorite fliers amongst the commission to give a little contrast.. I  know I will start em up again one day, just a lil different…..

.this drawing is on a 4ft by 6ft  piece of  bfk paper

Special thanks to Nick Anderson of Connecticut  I would have to say he is my largest collector so far , and a thank to the awesome Tripper Dungan for helping trace out my outline for the figure and a Big thank you to my friend Blake Johnsen for snapping some shots of this one……

zombie wrist..

More to come…

thanks for checking it out..





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