So many ways to say this

first hello yall of the year!!!

Too much to say really…I am alive and healthy so all in all its been a kick ass year

..sadly the camera gifted to me last year shutter fails to open so I am stuck with the phone camera, for now it shall do the do  I suppose….

This first blog of the year is kinda about the end of last year, no Christmas stuff or new years..actually kinda random Just did a cool show in Fresno with the Hide and Seek gallery but cant get any piks of the show or any footage of the music so you will just have to believe me yo..It was really good seeing my ole friends in Fresno, some very beautiful people to know out there, hell I was one of em and look at me now ma!!

you will never live on this street…never

really cute lil wheatpaste guy

no succulents this big in Portland… 

The new art I saw around town was good too my eyesockets ..these next pix are of my friend Micheal Garcia who is as much a chemist as he is an artist, the time and preparation in each piece is sttunning, I remember long ago how he told me of how he would leave some surfaces outside to be weathered by the elements for  years to get his desired look…


he told me this one says smoke weed everyday…

Showing alongside him is my other friend Robert amador . He is an inspiration of mine, the attitude and detail he brings to each piece makes you feel not alone when your with it…always more than just pretty pictures with this guy…

big Drawlings

as if I couldnt be amazed enough Robert took me over to our friend Reza’s Broadway Lofts and showed me his recent murals …damn..


Ran into some old work of mine there…

My newly pregnant friends Diana and Dustin!!!…Dustin makes some good tunes ..Make sure to check it out if you can 

these are fuggin good..

this balloon said happy birthday

Good ole Reza…lookin jolly..

One of his old paintings..

anytime his daughter does something a lil bad he will leave this lil guy where she can find it…they call it “the dirty chicken”


the church I would walk by every mornin…

Art by Ariana Ida-Eleanor Ariel Bird ..

a series of devil dogs ..First photo courtesy of Elliott  yo

yo yo the Doodle show!!! Doze Green killed it!!!! (can you tell im a fan)…

and the awesome Morgaine Faye… she is really good

Here me be..

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The doctor we all are looking for…

prints fo sale yo

see the face in this guy?

More modeling with Zach

Mans man..

The head on this man captivates me..

A Video game themed show at Black cat coffee on ablberta….


sorry bout this next one…

not so sorry bout this one..

scary face..


workin on a short series for the Blue canvas anniversary, also doin a lil Live painting with Stephen Williams! keep yah posted

till next time tootles!!

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