bounces in all directions


I give thanks to light in this blog.Without it, none of this art I could see yo. Radiation in a subtle form , shooting in all directions within our universe and existing separate from time as we know it. Lets say light along with heat , movement of tiny particles of energy, vibrating constantly causing the movement of the universe. Our wonderful bodies sit as sponges reacting to these vibrations on so many levels  and process the movement into neural signals and chemicals giving us “perception” Crazy how when you taste something   , it is actually your tongue recognizing the different vibrations  of molecules giving you different “flavours” , and every different molecule has a different vibration ..a different song….a chorus in your mouth during every meal …


Little definition: The visual system in humans and animals allows individuals to assimilate information from the environment. The act of seeing starts when the lens of the eye focuses an image of its surroundings onto a light-sensitive membrane in the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is actually part of the brain that is isolated to serve as a transducer for the conversion of patterns of light into neuronal signals. The lens of the eye focuses light on the photoreceptive cells of the retina, which detect the photons of light and respond by producing neural impulses. These signals are processed in a hierarchical fashion by different parts of the brain, from the retina upstream to central ganglia in the brain.

Enough nerdin out Lets gets started ….Many  Many Thanks to my friend Todd Durham who hooked me up with some wall painting in Laytonville Ca . He wanted Tree-house’s on the wall


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had a great time out there ….

Burgers everyday !! Meat local and veggies local  ..price 4 bucks!! yeah small towns rock….

Now San Francisco ….

always loved this lil wall painting .. don’t really know why…

Die Antwoord  sat in a room that was crudely painted wall to wall in random obscenities and premiered a new toy of casper the friendly ghost with a huge erection….A line out the door and down the street …this is fame

 My friend Greer Had a showing at a nice coffee place in the city …She spent two whole weeks Copying William Faulkner’s  last novel The Reivers word for word on large sheets of paper ..

Now lets go to Los angeles   …In the beginning of the year I had a chance to Live paint  at a Blue Canvas Event..With thanks to friends and fellow artist Stephen Williams and Mimi yoon

Stephen Williams …sooo good looks like a magical violin vagina beast…

cool Photo series on display in the public transit station….

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Got featured on the Juxtapoz site in the Illustration section!!!

Special thanks to  my sweetie Alexis for coming up with the cool idea of an art bio madd lib

I got allot of work to do for the upcoming show at the CAVE gallery in june  … soo I am going to cut this blog short and give it a part duex  in a couple days…Still more cool vibrations of light  to receive

I can never get enough of this song or video

Till then tootles….

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