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Hello yall

Here is kind of a part 2 of the previous Blog ..but I like the pix this one more….

Here are a few issues I feel that are more important than any of this..

Trayvon Martin


 The forgetful soldier

just a few

 Los Angeles..


 Nice art on abbot kinney blvd in venice …


 Jules muck








An advert on the metro line , and it said to me ” Hey young Man of color , who is probably riding the transit line for you cant afford to drive or you are being frugal with what little money you have, Do not waste your future …your future is only fulfilled with a career , and we are giving you options…one like homeland security where you can racially profile people that look like you, a career to give you lots of dollar bills…dollar bills with slave owners printed on them , men who don’t give a fuck about you , you have no future without a career, even though the human race (not the cromags) , but “us” the human race existed centuries before recorded history, centuries of being nomadic stargazers ,coexisting with our eco system , walking half naked all the time and in shape…and now this  future where we have traded one ignorance for the other now pay too see wildlife and you say “Today I sat eight hours before a plastic covered machine ” when we once said ” Today I walked amongst  lions”….



 did some live painting during Max Nuetra‘s opening at C.a.v.e gallery

art in fresno yo

my brother Josh wigger paints breast in everything

bury more


escaped ?

sittin in church and the guy next too me is just cutting an epic ocean battle  out of paper..

Really cool

‘bike art show” I will post the artist name soon when I find it..

bike tire shoes

these are by “yourself”

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My Homeslice Tripper Dungan

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really ,really cool album art show at backspace curated by Ashley Montague

these albums were the most inspiring to me…

My Friend Yukki sent me some piks of my art displayed in his store Neo Capsule in Japan,

those guys always show the love!!

Gonna make this an academy tradition..

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J “very” low

Gonna be live painting at this one on the 30th , looks like a good one yo hope too see you there!

Knowa KnowOne




thank you for this one Alexis ..

till next time toots



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