Dinosaurs on your wall is good for you

I am offering sweet Winter deals on indoor Dinosaur mini murals!! Perfect for yourself or some stinky kid. Also offering solitary Dino deals , just imagine a nice stegosaurus stampeding across your wall or a mighty T-rex watching your nightmare ridden child while they sleep. Seriously though it would make an awesome holiday gift! tell your friends with kids yo. Continue Reading yo

Simply An Awesome Summer

In this big old post there is a bundle of creative projects and fun had in the last three months. Sadly nobody looks at blogs anymore but screw it I like it better than social media. I like allot of things better than social media. Continue Reading yo


greetings yall..

Here are more of the catch up pix from this spring to the beginning of the summer..Some more live paintings, party’s, topless go go chicks, shirtless men, music, and random fun ness. This is a long one so I f you wish too see it find a comfy chair and smoke a bowl of cheerios… Continue Reading yo