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Hello you in your face

In this big old post there is a bundle of creative projects and fun had in the last three months. Sadly nobody looks at blogs anymore but screw it I like it better than social media. I like allot of things better than social media.

I was very fortunate to work alongside artist Jeremy Nichols to do a fun mural on the Black United Fund here in Portland OR. Big thanks to the folks at Vox Siren , RACC and The Black United fund.


Black United Fund of Oregon Mural – by Jeremy Nichols x EatCho from Anthony Taylor on Vimeo.


August 08, 2015-_MG_5056 Mural Eatcho Jeremy Other Worlds Mural Jeremy and Eatcho
bufmural 1

August 08, 2015-_MG_5070 Mural Eatcho JeremyThe Claw Mural Jeremy and Eatchobufmura3

August 08, 2015-_MG_5036 Mural Eatcho Jeremy Mushrooms Mural Jeremy and EatchoIMG_0701

IMG_0700 IMG_0695August 08, 2015-_MG_5049 Mural Eatcho Jeremy Sings the Blues Mural Jeremy and Eatcho




what you know about GOLD DEERIMG_0641IMG_0832artist and homie Jeremy Nichols , dude is on fire right now (figuratively) Jeremy nichols untitled20Homie fest #2

A small music gathering fully organized and run by the bands themselves

showcasing so much local talent from Portland.
IMG_0647IMG_2257IMG_2298IMG_2261IMG_2265IMG_2264IMG_2263IMG_2291The Mascaras during their last show for a secIMG_0874
IMG_2305love herIMG_0739IMG_2295 IMG_2294 IMG_2292IMG_2270IMG_2280IMG_0734 IMG_2276 IMG_2274 IMG_2272IMG_2283

IMG_2266IMG_2299IMG_2282rainbow, photo credit : Paige arriaTwo new works for the “ride” show at Pony club gallery curated by artist Martin Oniveros

“Meiosis and you”

Meiosis is a specialized type of cell division which reduces the chromosome number by half. This process occurs in all sexually reproducing single-celled and multi-celled eukaryotes, including animals, plants, andfungi

mieosisweb “Mitosis and me”

Mitosis is a part of the cell cycle in which chromosomes in a cell nucleus are separated into two identical sets of chromosomes, each in its own nucleus.

mitosisweb mitosisinta1 mitosisinta3mieosisinta3mieosisinta1mieosisintaIMG_2243A cool friend Alex from Australia passed through. It is always fun when friends roll in during summerIMG_0621IMG_2237 IMG_2235 IMG_2234 IMG_2231 IMG_2230 IMG_2229Then some more homies from Japan!

YUKKI!!!IMG_2339IMG_2340IMG_2347Great Time visiting the friend Zach Johnsen‘s studio IMG_2357IMG_2355IMG_2353

Right now Zach has a killer Sketchbook of his work for sale! check it out!!zj sketchbookIMG_2358IMG_2367IMG_2366Naoya!!!!IMG_2370IMG_2371IMG_2381IMG_2382IMG_2393IMG_2395Good buddies “The Manx” passed through Portland took off their clothes and rocked the shit out of shit. Love emIMG_0910

artist Brett Superstar
IMG_0866buy my work, I like when you do that, plus it is good for you.IMG_0905Awesome Mural for the Forest for the Trees projectIMG_2423 IMG_2420 IMG_2418Gifiti_final IMG_2417 IMG_2415And yet another great mural project underway managed by local artist KlutchIMG_2473IMG_2493IMG_2471

IMG_2469IMG_2477IMG_2476IMG_2467IMG_2461IMG_2478IMG_2481IMG_2480IMG_2491IMG_2505IMG_2503IMG_2486IMG_2502IMG_2500IMG_2497IMG_2501IMG_2513IMG_2483The Crotches of the awesome artist Rather SevereIMG_2495IMG_2462IMG_2512IMG_2517IMG_2519IMG_2521IMG_2544IMG_2541IMG_2535IMG_2531IMG_0792IMG_0789Geodes (Greek γεώδης – ge-ōdēs, “earthlike”) are geological secondary structures which occur in certain sedimentary andvolcanic rocks. They are themselves of sedimentary origin formed by chemical precipitation. Geodes are essentially hollow, vaguely spheroid to oblate masses of mineral matter that form via either of two processes
IMG_2509IMG_0743IMG_0744IMG_0760IMG_0705Photo booth creature created by the talented Martin OntiverosIMG_0939a Portland traditionIMG_0867IMG_2180IMG_2176IMG_2173IMG_2170IMG_2164IMG_0781IMG_2188IMG_0785IMG_0693IMG_0643IMG_0943IMG_0957IMG_0754IMG_0645IMG_0859fearIMG_0856painIMG_0711IMG_1040solaceIMG_0842IMG_0846Thats all for now

thank you for checking it out


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