Dinosaurs on your wall is good for you

Hello you

 I am offering sweet Winter deals on indoor Dinosaur mini murals!! Perfect for yourself or some stinky kid. Also offering solitary Dino deals , just imagine a nice stegosaurus stampeding across your wall or a mighty T-rex watching your nightmare ridden child while they sleep. Seriously though it would make an awesome holiday gift! tell your friends with kids yo.

If you are interested in your very own Dino mural feel free to message me at eatcho@gmail.com

Below is a collection of recent commissions (painting and illustration) , If you are interested in your very own personalized artwork message me at eatcho@gmail.com sea1

flounder medbunny bunnydub medj32j14truffle hunting 2flpnting#35solid speechJNE15BL73jiimfllsmllilones77dayslrgelLast but not least, here is my Lawyer handling all my business affairs.

mr law3Thanks for checking it out

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