Punchin bald spots

Hello again Yall!

I like these recent pix all though I feel I didn’t take many of them with a particular “eye” ,I did at least snag a visual of each of the recent moments that I have been enjoying …

Grabbing a part of my own dark devil took him to my living room and introduced him to the scared one and the quiet yet strong angel in the corner, I poured drinks and started the dvd while my future carcass burned brightly on my lap…thats how the last few months have been…

this guy posted pix of himself apologizing to his old lady …I showed my sis this and she said ” he musta did something real wrong”

Here is some writing on the streets the first few are of my favorite writer in the portland area “escape” …and no! I am not escape , I have already been asked  several times , he is a nice guy , and I have the handwriting of a three year old….



This artist is ” Freddy sam ” he is from south africa …did a lil run of murals around Portland …


stare and keep staring…


some good friends from out of town stayed at the house for a few days ..we had some awesome breakfast sessions…He does things…..

A chair to sit….

small paintings of guns on toilet paper rolls..trip out

This is my friend Miss sapp’s first painting ..A lonely tomato looking out a window…its well done and had me giggling for fuggin hours…

Steve Mathews



Here are some pix of the “Endless Canvass” show at Railyard pdx …God rest its soul… go to the site and read up on the issue of graffiti and Portland…this phenomenal  show is what got them evicted and temporarily closed four business’s ..sucky..but hey heres Chris moon


 swampy !!! ..the hairy man pictured is not him


this dude is beyond awesome.. these are all large originals ..he will only sell them to you if he meets you in person


stumbling across another giggle machine on the shirt of John Greater …of Greater art gallery ..

expoldy dude by Holmeslice  Zach Johnsen

a depiction of the great tree our first mother intertwined with a cobra head resting at the top ..well played my hippie friend, well played

flip eggs with this….

ahhh hell nahh! somewhere in the ghetto they are crying…..


On a roof and hearing about U.F.O. ‘S seen on a saturday the same saturday me and a friend stumbled across eight people lost by the river ..clearly near a beach, scared , lost and wet all of them didnt give a clear story on why they were lost they all just said the same thing ” we got lost over the rocks” creepy …heres an article about the four people the rescue team whom we called saved we are mentioned as a couple looking for a lost dog….strange strange….

an awesome kickoff to Time based arts !!!

stopped through San Francisco …on the way to L.A ,  kept seeing coolness


we got a chance to meet some artist from Australia ..passing thru on a mural run ..really cool… allot of fresh new work everywhere here is an interview on fecal face about these two…..Dabs and Myla



this was printed up Sunday and posted around the city …A year since my grandmother died …and a constant never-ending  flow of death since those towers went down..



a door knob..

The happiest looking kitchen appliance I have ever seen…


and yet another place to sit….


Greer of the Mallards and this some her work…..

Gotta a chance to try out one of these bad boys thanks again Mr Demille !

tha New Puppy ..gallery

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Yay California

First thursday in Portland spent a good time on the roof of the Hellion gallery….

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An oldie but real goodie from RASKOE and Mr williams



I put up some new work on the site Most of the new work was featured at the Cave Gallery ..Im in debt to those yo ..rock on

My friend Josh Wigger did this…its in a process, while visiting he showed me the beginnings of this piece which was a video of himself bare ass naked, covering himself in white paint and rockin on the board with a possessed look on his face while smoking a clove ..during the video he turns to the camera and asks “why am I doing this?” another giggle attack overcame me ..I love my crazy ass friends…


BOOM!…lets call that a wrap ..If you have any questions on art that has no links get at me at eatcho@gmail.com, If you have any questions about life  go  sit in a room with children and drink alchohol…

till next time yall ..toots mcgoots…

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