nonsense revisited

Hello yo

Here is the full collection of doodles I worked on while laid out on the couch with a broken leg almost two years ago. I have shared the full series before on Behance but sadly it has been flagged “mature” several times and makes it difficult for public viewing.

The work definitely expresses someone coming out of a depression , with the colors and energy slowly returning with every page. enjoy

go 3smll
cb cb1 cb2 cb3 cb4 cb5 cb6 cb7  cb9 cb10 cb11 cb12 cb13 cb14 cb15 cb16 cb18 cb20 cb21 cb22 go 1 go 2 GO 5 go 5 sml)GO 6 Go 7 go 8 go 9cb23go 4sml cb24sheuthendc17dc9thanks for checking it out.

Have a good day 🙂

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