You can touch my DOODLE for ten bucks yo

Hey you,

guss what?

I have some prints fer you! This time when you get one, it comes with a ten minute drug induced doodle!!

I was really lucky to have the ole studio mate Zach Jonhsen hook it up with a run of prints for me before he took off east, They came out great and this time around I picked a few images that I normally wouldn’t do for prints.

Make sure to go to , , If you would like to have a print and a doodle for yourself or a loved on one.

Thank you for giving my work a look see. There are more prints for sale not featured here on this post but here in this linkĀ 

Till then Have a good day,

drink water and go outside.

Oh and p.s. I have some originals for sale as well, They just cost more yo.


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