During my recent holier than thou rants about the campfire, I have been referencing this scene from the animated film, MIND GAME ,made in 2004 it is based on Robin Nishi’s Japanese comic of the same name. The scene has a depiction of GOD and existence that I personally find coinciding with my present reality in a beautiful fashion so much so, that I felt so inclined to share this wonderful scene. Continue Reading yo

Friendship sequencing bracelet DNA

Friendship bracelet visual tutorials are cool looking. They remind me of either a complex video game password, a strange form of DNA sequencing or God’s notes on different ways to reorganize and manipulate the many different lines of radiating energy as talked about in string theory. Friendship bracelets yo! Continue Reading yo

The homie Zach Johnsen’s Sketchbook kicks major ass

In this post I share with you my friend and studio mate Zach Johnsen’s self published project, Sketchbook! For the last month we have been working on a revamp of the book before sending out to retailers for the first time. The Sketchbook now has a nifty screen printed slip sleeve, that is wonderful eye candy for the passerby, the inside of the book is just jam packed with dope ass art! It is a beautiful collection of over 15 years of work from a hard working mad genius who can’t stop producing amazing shit and it is only 25 BUX!!!
Continue Reading yo