narcissus with knives for eyes…

About a year ago I was commissioned to do a piece that would be a tribute to my ole Proper Gahnda fliers . At first I thought it would be a piece of cake, then I started to realize how much of an honor it was to get a chance to do so and revisit My old stuff….it was humbling Continue Reading yo


greetings yall..

Here are more of the catch up pix from this spring to the beginning of the summer..Some more live paintings, party’s, topless go go chicks, shirtless men, music, and random fun ness. This is a long one so I f you wish too see it find a comfy chair and smoke a bowl of cheerios… Continue Reading yo

heads and tails

long time no blog yall!!
Here are allot of things being done, and dancing people alot of dancing people…I placed most of this in thumbnail form to make it simple and fast to catch up..I put my favorites in the front and “biggins” ..all these pix are from late winter to early spring 2011
enjoy yoself! Continue Reading yo