In this post I highlight some of my favorites of an old series of leaflets I used to make called PROPER GAHNDA. The last one I made was around ten years ago. I started the Proper fliers in a direct response to the decision to go to WAR with Iraq after the tragedy of September 11, and I left these fliers in all sorts of random places most in my hometown of FRESNO. Continue Reading yo


I have been fortunate enough to curate a lil pop up show in Sapporo, Japan along with my good friend Saito Yukishiro “YUKI” of Neo Capsule.

The show is “Haikei” from Portland, which translates as “greetings from Portland”. It features some awesome work from talented friends and fellow local artists here in Portland, Oregon.
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In regards to photosynthesis there are so many things that happen on a molecular level that we owe our very existence to, it happens within a tiny universe that is silent and seemingly still. I used to think it was the large,chaotic and strong that governed this enigmatic reality, but as I expand my overall understanding of science I do not feel that way anymore. Continue Reading yo