In regards to photosynthesis there are so many things that happen on a molecular level that we owe our very existence to, it happens within a tiny universe that is silent and seemingly still. I used to think it was the large,chaotic and strong that governed this enigmatic reality, but as I expand my overall understanding of science I do not feel that way anymore. Continue Reading yo

Things that have been done

Featured in this blog are a few commissions, a small series of crows, and a tiny install. I hope you are enjoying your winter,eating right and drinking plenty of water and if you are looking at this blog, I hope you enjoy that too. Continue Reading yo

It all ends with a beginning

Featured in this blog is a fun commission for a Nike employee ,In which I drew on a blank pair of Airforce1’s ,where the theme was Portland and Nike. Also after the shoe pix is a bundle of other lil doodles and “do dads” along with a mini mural.
Continue Reading yo