Victor goes for a walk

Here is a collection of doodles I have been doing at work, it is called

“Victor takes a walk”


VW5VW7“Wait , what the shit?” thinks Victor

VW2VW4“I just know they are out there swallowing gum, waiting for my pockets” thinks Victor
VW8“It all makes perfect sense now” says Victor

VW11“I am a pretty crocodile ready for tickets” thought Victor

VW6“What is that?!” screams Victor
VW10“I will eat you alive! Megadonnis!” Victor exclaims VW9VW1“sdhhshirwuauwqw ka*%^$d uhhgfvj vj @#!gv”…. thought VictorVW12“I am good with this” Victor says

Victor was never seen again.


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