greetings yall..

Here are more of the catch up pix from this spring to the beginning of the summer..Some more live paintings, party’s, topless go go chicks, shirtless men, music, and random fun ness. This is a long one so I f you wish too see it find a comfy chair and smoke a bowl of cheerios… Continue Reading yo

Blackheads for sale!

Got a live painting gig at 111 minna tonight in San Francisco!I will be alongside fellow artist jesse balmer and ian ross, for the Muszik 4 humanity charity event. I didn’t bring any promotion stuff so I made some books real quick on the train ride here. the girl that sat next to me provided creative input along the way. All and all I think i have problems..this book is extremely immature and raunchy, i suppose it reveals my true nature for it still makes me giggle..its five bones I will have it up on my etsy store soon or hungry eyeball…. Continue Reading yo