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Hello Yo

Here are some Piks of recent some recent creative expliots within these past two weeks.I am getting back in the habit of formulating blogs and providing more substantial continuity in my Online presence, besides wasting your time by posting everytime I eat,shit or sneeze.

This was a fun one for a friend , the only rule was a “PUG” had to be involved



lilones7th2This one is one of a few I am doing to beef up the new online store (coming soon) gonna keep it stocked with affordable lil paintings and prints for the masses

lilones 3

lilones 1

I am starting to like the mundane, painting a chair, houseplant, spray bottle..

lilones 2


My friend Marc stopped by and showed me a big bundle of crazy photos, some of them were of old art that I forgot I did, I have a bad habit of not looking back sometimes.

This is a fun and early one showing the direction my work is currently moving towards

lilones 10
liloneslilones17 lilones15 lilones13lilones11lilones 9I drew a lil dude humping a pizza for valentines day

pizzahug face

Here is a good shot of the commissioned work “S√ČANCE” framed and readylilones 16

play yo


My friend and inspiration Zach Johnsen of ZenVironments Has started a kickstarter for an eyeball melter. Check it out

Flour spilled on the floor at my day job

lilones 8

Well thats for all now for any questions, jokes or inquiries feel free to contact me at


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