Mulling about

After the new site was uploaded, Elliott and I tooled about Portland running errands and seeing what was to be seenI start with breakfast at Pine state biscuits on alberta with friend KK crutchy


we both had  the reggie

walkin about we stopped at a few lil spots..

heres the Screaming sky gallery .. with the art of Scott tolleson

I always  liked these two…

strung out rockstar at age three

strung out melmacian at age 50

the poet Celestial concubine stops by for tea..i like this pik

and elliott

there was a free show  at Doug fir , the ” Tallest man on earth” was playing
it was very awesome..

its his name you see…



this guy pointed out some pieces that he did …even the writers in Portland are cordial ..

we swing by the Tender loving empire and see the work of Kelly Rundle..

then its Radish underground

Tripper Dungan at the albina press

killin it

off to the food carts ran into Liz at sugarcube

the GOOD gallery….

elliott gets some records..

prints next door…this world has so much imagery ..collective ADHD..


Good heavens its the bridgetown beerhouse

they have alot of different beers

what are you doin? crazy goats..

crazy ducks off the sidewalk!! go join them crazy goats

WHA!  during the evening we run into Martin ontiveros and Skinner two really awesome artist! Im glad they know eachother cause they both have a thing for psychedelic warriors and candylike battle axes.. Skinners girlfriend was very nice too ..this table was all smiles

Well it was an awesome week ..elliott and I get ready to head to the train station for his departure..sniff sniff

portland has a really cool old train station.. those are original wagons in back

bon voyage! now back home to work on some doodles and keep on keepin on…

throbbles one of the coolest roomates and friends ,but the poor man does not know how to place toilet paper on a roll..I pray for him..

if you have made this far in the happened to you?

I will leave you with a song from Y La Bamba .. juniper

3 Replies to “Mulling about”

  1. Thanks again to you, Jason, and Robbie for the opening up your home. I didn’t realize all the little pics you took when I wasn’t lookin. Some good documentation right there.

    Saw Josh Wigger in Fresno the other night and sleepin on the floor of Nate Gilbert’s studio at Broadway. Art is flowin.

    Can’t wait till next month in Oakland. I can setup my other bike with a freewheel in case you’d like to ride over SF or somethin.

  2. cool pics! love the doug fir floor pic. i like taking pics of peoples shoes, too. would love to go on a picture adventure w you sometime!

    <3, trix

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