stop being silly

Bloggings not bad, for my insomnia..I awoke at 5:40am , and typing is one of the few actions that don’t bug the roomies downstairs …lets start this with a cute pooch..

after the Kickball game…

shadow play

I like these next few..capturing three images at once,  reflection,head 0n, and through a window…

me ..peeing in the hands……………….


chair 1: “hey frank you awake?”

chair 2:”I never sleep charles”

chair1:” do ever think about..yah know..what this all means?”

chair2:” I dont think charles”

chair1:” well how do you feel about all this? I mean its crazy right?, out of all the things to be, and look we are chairs!..wierd”

chair2: “I dont feel”

chair 1:” fuck you frank”

from there its off to the “virgo a go go” party. I rode there to find a bunch of people dancin in front of a large screen, the movie playing was shortbus alot people have sex in that movie.

the white jeans is ” jennifer”..I remember once at work she was across from me teaching several people how to operate an expresso machine, she wore a blue dress, stunning simply stunning

darn button fly jeans

Tripper at home with cute lil birdie

and we started with a pooch so lets finish off with one shall we..


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