random reasons to be alive

Yo Yo yall

With a tremendous thanks to Greg Pitters  of Hungry Eyeball I was able to use a camera again and am able to satisfy my blog hunger! The camera is a lil glitchy and I ran into some snags but there are still some good piks from some recent fun times had , art, food , and that uncomfortable feelin I call livin..

heres Greg!

perfect place to test a camera…a coffee shop, I mean how hip can yah get…extracto.


artist Ashley Montague

Off to see a show at Mississippi studios..notice the guy in the corner of this pik I watched him stand there standing still, just texting for what seemed like forever, he looked very determined i later found out why..

Here is Jeffery Jerusalem and friend, the other guy is in the “Breakfast Mountian” video but he did not play with em that evenin…

Now you see a woman arrive to meet the texting man in the corner…they look at each other a long time..he looks very relieved she stares in his eyes deeply with a huge smile….

they hug for a long time..strong and close while all these people swarm around them ordering drinks at the bar, but you can tell the world around them is unnoticed…

as Breakfast Mountian played they project a Cindy Crawford workout video ..sexy as all hell…

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Here is a video from the “Into the woods” site….


Then the camera went black and I wasnt able to get any of the show …bummer…oh well…on to the next thing…


Now off to the “Portland Paper city”  show co curated by my friend Marisa Green alot hard work went into the show at disjecta . really cool work in this show

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my brother and sister from fresno…it looks like he just told her that he is pregnant.

Danny Bon Bon…..lives forever

Working on a zine and wondering to myself “why am I working on a zine”

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another Fresno friend …every-time i take a pik of him it comes out weird

here is the first weird one ..without beard

here is artist Brian Gualtieri , cool artist and all round nice fella. my favorite is his metal paper airplanes…

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New roomie , house is clean, spring is here…yes

The new roomie “mingles” is my new muse for photos …I strongly believe that he is truly dashing! in every photo.

calm but dashing…

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good times with these two…


mingles doing an impersonation of one of the aliens from cocoon…dashing

seen this lil guy around the hood for at least four years now, and I have only heard him speak twice.

yet another friend from the ole Fresno…

he brings a comic to look at….

Another friend comes over sits  on our couch for several hours and makes corn polenta while turning a bag inside out and placing poetry inside only to return it to its original shape..like an art bomb…I love my friends.

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boxer shorts?…another way to be dashing..

Ryan Bubnis took me to a blazers game, it was fun, my favorite part are the plastic beer bottles like look like real bottles…man that is practical joke city…

in the middle of the game a car took a wrong off ramp and plowd into a couple of senior field trips…


late night mexican food and a neverending evening…

The work of Ashley Klump…




drawing on the walls as an adult…thank you god…

bed head?…no…dashing

impromptu beach trip with mingles and Darren. Darren is in a good band called ” Doc brown experiment

dashing with Darren

dashing with nature…

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this is the toughest Ive ever looked in a pik…

Lets end it with this guy…..

till next time…tootles…


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  1. Eatcho. Thank you for being a real, true, friend and brother. I seem to think only of myself with deep reservations and you seem to think of everyone without any reservations. Whatever you do keep doing it. I really had a good laugh and cry.

  2. Thank you for this great article! It has been extremely insightful. I wish that you will continue posting your knowledge with us.

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