More random shootings

Another photo shoot! This one was at Zach johnsens studio. The only direction was too dress up nice and act like a fool..contort , convulse, fall, jump..basically just spaz out..thats my normal condition. Zach has an awesome way of bringing the kid out in yah..Hey ladies wanna see my crooked chimney

At the shoot there were many different snazzy outfits to choose from….

I cant wait to raise this guy up to be a killer, havin him disembowel lesser opponents with with crazed bloodlust and dogskill..just look at that face , now imagine another face hanging from his jowls …killer

people bein silly heres Jessamyn Patterson

too see a little more go to and also check some of Zachs work..he scribbles in a professional manner

till then stay evil..

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