Retro Space Saka Hall

(18 & over y’all)

While in Japan I had a chance to visit the awesomely strange and erotic,

 Retro Space Saka hall.


Established in 1995, Saka Biscuit is a famous biscuit brand which is well-known to people in Hokkaido. Next to the head office and the factory, there is a private museum Retro Space Saka. A director of Saka Biscuit and an owner of the museum, Mr. Kazutaka Saka has a motto “not spending money”. One day he picked up a mannequin in a trash station. Since then, he started collecting random stuff from the Showa period, and plenty of erotica. After amassing a huge collection over many decades, he decided to house them all in one place and open it for public viewing.


100 barbies or so, all in bondage. Think about that, He sat and took the time for each individual barbie…dude.

saka-135 saka-134



saka-31 saka-30

“There’s an entire corner under the stairs with nothing but panties on display, right next to the wall of Showa era nudes. But it’s not all rope and boobs here. There’s a treasure trove of old packaging and random antiques to appreciate. As you tiptoe through the narrow, orange-tiled walkways, you’re never sure what you’ll find around the next corner” – source

saka113 saka saka-140 saka-139 saka-138 saka-133 saka-130 saka-129 saka-128 saka-127 saka-126 saka-125 saka-124 saka-123 saka-122 saka-121 saka-120 saka-119 saka-118 saka-116 saka-115 saka-114 saka-112 saka-111 saka-110 saka-109 saka-108 saka-107 saka-106 saka-105 saka-104 saka-103 saka-102 saka-101 saka-100 saka-99 saka-97 saka-96 saka-95 saka-93 saka-92 saka-91 saka-90 saka-89 saka-88 saka-87 saka-86 saka-85 Had the privilege to hang out with fellow doodler Daniel Isles aka Dirty robot, nice guy and great artist.

saka-84 saka-83 saka-82 saka-81 saka-80 saka-79 saka-78 saka-75 saka-74 saka-73 saka-72 saka-71 saka-70 saka-69 saka-68 saka-67 saka-65 saka-62 saka-61 saka-60 saka-59 saka-58 saka-57 saka-56 saka-55Mr. Kazutaka Saka.
saka-54 saka-52 saka-51 saka-50Olympus PEN models saka-48 saka-47 saka-46 saka-45 saka-44 saka-43 saka-42 saka-41 saka-40 saka-39 saka-38 saka-37 saka-36 saka-35 saka-34 saka-33 saka-32 saka-29 saka-28 saka-27 saka-25 saka-24 saka-23 saka-22 saka-21 saka-20 saka-19 saka-18 saka-16 saka-15 saka-13 saka-12 saka-11 saka-10 saka-9 saka-8 saka-7 saka-5 saka-3 saka-2


Nijyuyonken 3 Jou 7-3-22, Nishi ward, Sapporo

Get there
Nijyuyonken Station (Tozai line), take exit 4

011 632 5656

11.00am – 6.30pm weekdays

Open on random Saturdays – best to call beforehand. If someone picks up the phone, it’s probably open. To be sure, ask in Japanese: Kyou akimasuka (Are you open today?) If you hear hai, akimasu, you’re good to go.

Closed on Sundays and public holidays



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