stuff happens

Noel Yall

Its been a good year! full of all of  it the good, the bad, the reward, the struggle and zombies lots of zombies.(no actual zombies in this blog..sorry nerds)

here some pix from a couple months back of happenings about and about..

the top of trees..

This is in Japan now….at Neo Capsule

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Tried the Mural Project ..but Im out of a job …But the paint looks nice

with friend brooke out in the country

Three  diff kind of eggs duck,turkey and chicken

the king…

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Friend did a wild-style of my name..dont know if he wants his name along with this…

Our garbage man keeps this on his truck this is a “my pet football munster”  with a Reagan mask on, but I was very close to my very own “My pet munster” as a kid..

bombs on alberta…

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Jesus hangs behind the together gallery

I forgot this artist name but Ive seen her work around before..really cool stuff..

This woman was selling on the street. Her work was cool painted canvas dolls all sown up together..kinda like something a serial killer would be into (been watchin too much dexter)…She kept mentioning how she was the victim of a hate crime over and over again ..I didnt ask what it was..but she mentioned it several times..I got kinda uncomfortable..

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I had my life changed under this sign..crazy summer in portland..met a love who taught me of loss ..every-time  I ride my bike past here a ghost kicks my insides…the ugly beauty of life..I keep livin and ghost keep kickin

Adoline….the embodiment of cute

Had a nice dinner at lyrik was very good..thanks to Kieko and J shea

the back of artist .. Natalie phillips..

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I know I should be more mature but all I see here are balls or a butt or finally a bosom in the  OM design of the table..sadly part of me has never grown up..

my coffee time scholar and fellow artist Ruby Jets..

My friend Justin McAleece made this holiday video and it already has received many  views! He has been workin in film since he was young and its heartwarming to see him still doin his thing..rock on homie!!

well well that is all for know..having  money issues and may lose my place this next month ….so lookin for a job and trying to sell work..wish me luck dammit I need it….but despite all that ,have a good end of the  year, and I look forward to rock on 2011 from what the Mayans say it may be our last year! ..whatever…tootles……

2 thoughts on “stuff happens

  1. Good blog, thanks for posting. It was fun to share some good times in 2010 with you. Let’s hang soon, I think we have lots to catch up on. BTW, that’s not a picture of me, that’s Dark Meat.

  2. Never knew the Om sign was so sexy until now! Merry Christmas Mehran. I hope you had a good time in Japan.

    I’ve got some good news. Came home last night and my roommate handed me the cable to your camera, so I’ll get that sent out to you soon.

    Mele Kalikimaka

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